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When I was a naive seven year old, I asked my parents if I could be on TV and to my surprise, they said yes. Unfortunately, we quickly learned there wasn’t exactly a sign up sheet for being a professional actor.


Growing up on sets, my passion for film showed me a childhood of true magic and fantasy. I got the chance to participate in this enchanting industry and watch these unique stories fold together into the most thrilling compositions of art. I saw genuine collaboration happen right in front of me with no regard to discrimination or any other issue polluting the everyday world because everyone on set knew they were working toward’s something bigger. 


When I got to high school, I stepped behind the camera and started to produce the stories I wanted to share. Once I got the knack for making film for myself, I made films for my family, my friends, my school, my internship boss, various competitions, and then everyone who was willing to watch them. I am now a film student at The University of Texas at Austin where I am creating projects weekly as both a filmmaker and an actor. 


I intend to pursue my love of film for the rest of my life but along the journey, other hobbies are important to me. I like to spend my free time playing music and sports with friends. I am a diehard Knicks Fan despite the stress that comes with it. My favorite artists are Mac Miller and The Backseat Lovers and my favorite movies are Fight Club, Catch Me If You Can, Good Will Hunting, Trainspotting, 3 Idiots, and 12 Angry Men. I like to spend my winters snowboarding and my summers away from snow. 




Agent – Take 3 Talent 

1460 Broadway, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10036

Tel: (646) 289-3915

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